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A Letter from a guest's relative

As the community is discovering our new Day Centre, we have received some extremely encouraging comments about our unique service. Messages from how cheerful our welcome umbrellas in the front of the Day Centre are to what a fun day out someone has had. We thought we would share this recent letter with you from Mrs. Christine McGoldryck.

Dear Devonshire Dementia Day Centre,

I am writing to you as I would like you to know that since Mum has been attending your day centre her mood and behaviour have improved greatly. She seems to be a lot happier and calmer when she returns home. Even her sense of humour seems to be returning and it is nice to see her smile again. If she is having a bad day at home it does not last long and it’s made both my and my husband’s role as carers a lot easier. It also gives us some respite time to recharge our batteries so we can continue with our carer’s role.

Thank you and kind regards
Mrs. Christine McGoldryck

Thank you, Mrs McGoldryck, for your lovely feedback. We are so very pleased that you entrusted us to provide Mum with a fun day out and that you have noticed some changes in her wellbeing.