• Dementia Day Centre guest playing balloon game

    Dementia Day Centre guest playing balloon game

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Every day is special. Come and see why

October - November news from the Day Centre… 

Residents and Day Guests have been enjoying their days out to the Day Centre, with a range of activities planned for each session. Most Day Guests have their particular activity that they enjoy on a daily basis, such as word searches, jigsaw puzzles and knitting.

On Mondays and Fridays our multi purpose room is converted into a traditional Market Day, where Day Guests and Residents can shop (no money is exchanged) for most things like vegetables, fruits, foods or even biscuits and sweets, all of which they enjoy putting into their shopping bags.

On Tuesdays and Wednesdays we set up the Tool Shed, which is a great group conversation on what certain tools are used for.

On Thursdays we have Debbie, who opens up the 1950s Hair Salon, which does not go amiss with the ladies, who enjoy having their hair permed or opt for a wash and set.

Not to forget that every day in the Devonshire Lyons Tea Room our Residents and Day Guests enjoy a lovely afternoon tea with fresh sandwiches and cakes made by our chef Louanas.

And every Friday is baking day at the Day Centre with everyone taking turns to whisk the eggs, flour, milk and sugar. The most popular one is always a nice traditional Victoria sponge. 

Dementia Day Centre guest baking
Dementia Day Centre guest doing a jigsaw
Dementia Day Centre guest rolling a dice
Dementia Day Centre guest playing balloon game