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Every day is special. Come and see why

Our most popular activities...

Our most popular activities are: market stall day, baking, balloon games, exercises, building with blocks and garden activities. 

We try to create magic moments through memory. Harry really enjoys building blocks; he recalled when he was a plasterer by trade and how much he loved his job. He said “It was the only job I ever had in my career, so building this is a very small job for me”. 

Garden experience is always popular if the weather permits. Luckily, we have had some good sunny days. Barbara enjoys sitting outside and having her ice-cream. She says “I used to go to Brighton beach when it was sunny, that’s always my favourite beach. I prefer a pebble beach rather than a sandy one”.

We baked marble cake at our baking session and Muriel, Barbara F, Barbara P and Jean B enjoyed making the cake. Jean was so chatty, she tasted the chocolate sauce and said: “It’s very nice”. 

Everyone enjoyed the cake with their afternoon tea. Some Residents only come for the afternoon tea at the Devonshire Lyons Tea Room - they really enjoy sitting together, eating home-made cakes and sandwiches. We always have a good chat and laugh together. 

Market day is another popular activity. Residents pick fruits and sweets from the market stall. Residents choose what they want to eat, and staff prepare it for them. Jeanette enjoys the shopping and said, “I used to do all my shopping, I always bought bread and cereals”.