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Every day is special. Come and see why

Summer has finally arrived...

Our Residents and Day Guests have enjoyed an afternoon tea in the Day Centre garden. With the warm sunshine Brenda B spoke about enjoying great tea parties with her friends in the garden. Betty loved how all the flowers were blooming and Barbara loved the big apple tree and mentioned that we should freeze some apples to make warm apple pie in winter.  During the summer our Residents and Day Guests have a variety of garden activities scheduled, picking fruits and vegetables, watering plants in the green house and potting bright coloured flowers.

Our Residents and Day Guests also look forward to our afternoon fresh air drives, with journeys to Richmond park, Wimbledon Cafe, Bushy Park and Ham Dam. Veronica always asks Bob our driver what adventure he has planned for them today. Jane particular loves sitting in the front seat as she says Bob is a great singing partner. Our Residents and Day Guests sing along to old time favourite songs which make our fresh air drives even more enjoyable.

Wednesday Singing Group and Coffee Morning...

Our Wednesday Coffee Morning and Singing Group is becoming a popular event with our Residents, Day Guests and Community Families... We have had a wide range of themes, such as hits from the 1960s, a tribute to Doris Day (singing her popular songs like “Que Serra Serra”, “By the Silv’ry Moon” and “Papa wont you dance with me”). Residents, Day Guests and Community Families are encouraged to suggest upcoming themes. Much to Sandra’s amazement, musicians such as the Beatles and the Rat Pack were suggested and she has happily discovered the Beatles! Everyone has a lovely time and we are so pleased that Jean W’s son-in-law has cleared his diary and participates every Wednesday Morning. 

On Wednesday the 22nd of May in support of Dementia Action week we invited the Big Heart Band, who provided live music entertainment, playing the piano, clarinet, trumpet and the harmonica. There was a great variety of songs that the Residents, Day Guests and Community Families sang, such as: “Waltzing Matilda”, “ Bye Bye Black Bird”, “Tipperary” and “Pack up your troubles”. The Big Heart Band will be joining us again on the 24th of July for another music session.